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  • Eating for Two - Best Food Choices for Soon-to-Be Moms

    Posted on June 14 2017

    Eating for Two - Best Food Choices for Soon-to-Be Moms
    Because you need to make sure your little misfit comes out ready to take on the world! Being just a little bit more than six months pregnant at the time of...
  • Free Tattoo Colouring Pages

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Free Tattoo Colouring Pages
    For when you want your kid to chill out for (hopefully) 10 minutes. Kids can be jerks. And I'm not saying that to be a jerk myself, I'm saying it...
  • 5 Great Hiding Spots to Sneak Snacks (Without Your Kid Seeing)

    Posted on May 03 2017

    5 Great Hiding Spots to Sneak Snacks (Without Your Kid Seeing)
    Once upon a time there was a lady who loved snacks – cookies, chocolate bars, chips – and she could eat them pretty much whenever, and wherever she wanted without...
  • Are You a Mean Mom?

    Posted on April 04 2017

    Are You a Mean Mom?
    Contrary to what you might be thinking, I'm not talking about your parenting skills. I mean, let's face it. There's enough of that on the internet, isn't there? As far...
  • Badass Since Birth: Baby Girls in 2017

    Posted on March 16 2017

    Badass Since Birth: Baby Girls in 2017
    Before my daughter was even born I knew she was going to "different". After all, she is her mother's daughter. As I thought about who she'd be and how we'd raise her, there were tons...
  • Rare Baby Names for Girls (and their meanings)

    Posted on August 17 2016

    Rare Baby Names for Girls (and their meanings)
    Your little girl is going to be amazing, adorable and unique, so you want her name to match, right?     Picking a good name can be tough. You want something...
  • How to Make a Digital Flat Lay In Under 3 Minutes!

    Posted on April 27 2016

    How to Make a Digital Flat Lay In Under 3 Minutes!
    Hey folks! Here's a quick tutorial about how to make a flat lay in under 3 minutes. You can thank me later! For those of you who learn by reading...
  • Do We Really Need That? 10 Things New Moms Don’t Actually Need!

    Posted on January 14 2016

    Do We Really Need That? 10 Things New Moms Don’t Actually Need!

    Guest Post from Ashleigh at Bake My Sillies Out:

    I’d like to preface by saying that everybody has their opinion about what is correct and what is the most correct and that for the most part it really comes down to personal choice and lifestyle. And I’m not talking just about gadgets and whatnot. I’m talking pedagogies too. Philosophies, ways of thinking, habits, etc. Things like breastmilk vs. formula, fresh vs. store bought baby food, cloth vs. disposable diapers (do the research, it’s quite interesting!), cry it out vs. rocking your baby to sleep, co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

  • 2016 Resolutions You Can Keep - Little Misfits Edition

    Posted on December 30 2015

    2016 Resolutions You Can Keep - Little Misfits Edition

    Want to actually KEEP some of your New Year's Resolutions this year? Find out how it's possible below!

    New Year's Eve is upon us and every shared article today is about resolutions, or goals for the new year. As much as I tend to make and break goals all throughout the year, I too find myself making new starts at this time of year. There is just something motivational about getting a do-over. Unfortunately for most of us, new year's resolutions do not last long, but that's because we're tackling them in all the wrong ways. Everywhere says make sure your goals are SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. While I agree with these specifications, unfortunately they often lead to failure. So this year, we are trying the Little Misfits way of making resolutions...

  • Diary of a Misfit - Temporary Insanity Over the Holidays

    Posted on December 21 2015

    Diary of a Misfit - Temporary Insanity Over the Holidays

    Anybody else feel like claiming temporary insanity and running away on a retreat (or even getting committed) this holiday season?

    I can't be the only one. Today is only the first day of Christmas vacation for my JK'er and I'm already so done. It's not his fault though (today at least) and it's not even Christmas vacation's fault (yet). It all started a couple of weeks ago...

    Picture it - I was done my holiday shopping a few days into December. With just a couple of small odds and sods to grab next time I went to the Walmart, there was nothing left to do but wrap. Incredible right? I was pretty proud of myself.

  • Why The "Dear Daddy, I'm Going to be Called a Whore" Video Bothers Me

    Posted on December 15 2015


    Why The

    "Dear Daddy, I'm Going to be Called a Whore". It's a powerful statement, right?

    It's just too bad that the statements and conclusions that follow in the rest of the video are more than a little bit out of touch with reality.

    Before I continue, I want to make it clear that there's no universe in which I'm good with boys (or anyone else for that matter) calling women whores, bitches, cunts or any other derogatory name meant to make us feel "less than".

  • How to Find Happiness (During The Holiday Season and Beyond)

    Posted on November 29 2015

    How to Find Happiness (During The Holiday Season and Beyond)

    In the US, Thanksgiving, the day of giving thanks for what we have, was over by mere seconds before the hoards hit the web and lined up at stores to buy buy buy buy (because what we have is never enough) during the Black Friday Sales. And of course Cyber Monday will be upon us in a matter of hours. This insanity isn't just an American tradition anymore - it has spread to us in Canada and other parts of the world. In a time when there is so much hate, and tragedy, and sadness, people are allowing their fear to turn them into crazy consumers. They're purchasing tons of stuff they (and the people around them) don't need to try to fill a void, to bring happiness into their lives. Unfortunately, we've seen this pattern time and time again during history, but in reality it doesn't help, does it?

  • Fashion Inspiration: The Christmas Edition!

    Posted on November 13 2015

    Fashion Inspiration: The Christmas Edition!

    It's time, it's here, finally the holidays are upon us! Santa is arriving in Toronto on Sunday and we could not be more excited! It's hard to explain to "normal" people how those of us who are Christmas-obsessed feel at this time of year, but it's not hard to show them!

    Today Little Misfits is bringing you some serious ho-ho-holiday fashion inspiration, in the form of this adorable winter outfit. By far the best part about this outfit is that it is gender neutral, but coming in a close second is how versatile it is. Dress it up with a knitted cardigan and a hair bow, or dress it down with a hoodie and fuzzy slippers. This outfit can go to sit on Santa's knee, Christmas-tree picking, or to Christmas Eve festivities at Grandma's house.

  • Little Misfits Shop Feature - Urban Kisses

    Posted on November 06 2015

    Little Misfits Shop Feature - Urban Kisses

    Something we love at Little Misfits is partnering with other shops to spread the Little Misfits love and get ALL the misfits loving the clothes they're rockin'. So, we bring to you a shop feature - Urban Kisses from Australia will soon be selling Little Misfits gear! Read on to see what they're all about.

    Urban Kisses was started by a 30-something Australian mom named Danii, who was sick of not finding any kids clothes she liked when her first son was born. Two more sons later (they're now 7, 4, and 1) she is now importing clothes from shops all over Australia and overseas to give rad parents a one stop shopping experience!

  • Why I Don't Care What You're Doing

    Posted on October 29 2015

    Why I Don't Care What You're Doing

    Some people spend so much of their time hating other people's choices, judging other people's lives, ranting about what so and so is doing now. You know how I feel about it? Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Are You Failing At Parenting?

    Posted on October 23 2015

    Depending on your generation and your social and cultural background, being a good parent can mean a lot of different things. Historically some of those things include encouraging your children to get good grades, guiding girls on a path to modesty and chastity, raising as many children as you can in a religious path of your choosing, or simply helping your child to be moral and productive members of society. Of course, for many families all these things are still an important part of good parenting, as they should be.

  • 10 Rad Halloween Activities For Kids

    Posted on October 20 2015

    We love Halloween here at Little Misfits, mostly because skeletons, zombie movies, the colour black, and the dark of night are our jam! These things don't always equate to fun for children however, so we've compiled a list of awesome Halloween crafts, activities, and treats for kids.

  • Why I Hope Your Kids Don't Grow Up To Be Normal

    Posted on October 15 2015

    Growing up, "fitting in" is one of the most prominent things on our minds. We want to make friends, we want to belong, we want to know that one day we'll get that white picket fence and 2.3 kids. What we don't know at eight, 12, or even 15 however, is that we can have all those things without having to fit into some stereotypical opinion of what's normal. We don't have to change who we are to have the future we want.

  • Misfits for a Cause - Little Misfits x Dear Jack Foundation

    Posted on October 01 2015

    It goes without saying that the cause that affects the greatest amount of people (in the developed world at least) is cancer - the latest statistics conclude that roughly 2/5 people will get cancer at some point in their lives. In the 10 months we have been creating Misfit for a Cause lines, this has become increasingly evident to us, and while it is awful, we take comfort in knowing we can do something about it.

    Last month we held a charity fundraiser at BATL in Pickering for the Dear Jack Foundation. With your help, and many generous local businesses we were able to raise $700 for them in just a few short hours! You also may have read here that the DJF was picked as one of our charity choices for the upcoming Misfits for a Cause season. We are so incredibly happy to be supporting this incredible organization, so we thought we'd take some time to tell you about what they do, and why they are so close to our hearts.

  • Misfits for a Cause - Chosen Charities Announcement!

    Posted on August 24 2015

    We are thrilled to finally announce the two charities we've picked for our new year-long Misfits for a Cause initiative! We are bringing back one of your favourites from our monthly initiative, and adding a new organization that was slated for August before we planned our re-launch!


  • Misfits for a Cause RELAUNCH! You Asked, We Delivered!

    Posted on August 13 2015

    I want to start out by saying thank you for the incredible support you all have given our monthly Misfits for a Cause lines since they launched in November 2014. It has brought me so much joy as the Charity Coordinator to work with the various organizations and help brainstorm designs that embody their values and their missions! Over the past 10 months We have worked with organizations like Movember Canada, CAMH, and Skate4Cancer (Wellspring). While this is still a new initiative, it didn't take us long to figure out exactly what was working and what wasn't. With that in mind, we wanted to listen to your (the customer's) requests and the feedback we were receiving from the charities, and make the Misfits for a Cause line bigger and better.

  • 10 Things to Do Before Your Kids Go Back to School: The Little Misfits Edition!

    Posted on August 07 2015

    If you have older kids you may be well versed in the back-to-school grind, and how quickly the summer ends once August arrives. However, if you're sending your baby off to kindergarten for the first time, this may be new and overwhelming for you. I know it is for me. Besides the 14 months my son was in daycare as a toddler while I worked full-time out of the home, he has been with me every day since he was born! Sending him to school after living that life for four years is a big adjustment! Whether your kids are four or 15, here is the Little Misfits edition of "10 Things to Do Before Your Kids Go Back to School".

  • Fashion Inspiration: Good Vibes (Gender Neutral)!

    Posted on July 29 2015

    There Are Only Good Vibes Allowed in Your Company...

    Finally! We are feeling the HEAT in Ontario, Canada. After many weeks of wishing and hoping for the sunshine and 30 degree temps, they are finally here and we could not be happier! To celebrate the glorious weather we are having this week, here is a perfect fashion inspiration for you...

    Created by our Brand Rep Miranda, who is literally a jack (jill?) of all trades. She is the woman behind the popular Instagram "Share the Success" workshops, which has now morphed into a media company, TIME Media Marketing, with a partner. She also is mama to an adorable little girl who reps for some pretty incredible small businesses - check them out on her personal Instagram.

    We think the best part about this flatlay is that it includes items to make this outfit rockin' for boys or girls! With the monochromatic Little Misfits Good Vibes shirt, and the unisex shorts from Haus of Zoe, this outfit is perfect to accessorize in any way you choose. Click through the photo to head to our Instagram to check out the look, and tap the photo to see all the shops featured there.

  • Diary of a Misfit - What It Is To Be Different

    Posted on July 28 2015

    Sometimes you have to tell the truth on yourself... And that's exactly what I aspire to do in the coming weeks and months with these posts. When I left my...
  • The New Face of Motherhood, Elite Daily? I Think You Missed Some Things.

    Posted on July 09 2015

    A few days ago, Elite Daily posted an article about the "new face of motherhood".

    And, let me tell you, what a load of rubbish that was!

    Featuring mostly non-ethnic mommy fashionistas with thin, tanned bodies in the throws of candid moments with their littles, the article read more like a series of snapshots from a movie than a realistic portrayal of modern day motherhood - complete with matching "mommy and me outifits" that, while hella' cute, have nothing to do with "killin' it" at parenting.

  • Why I Don't Care If Changing My Facebook Picture Was a "Trap"

    Posted on June 30 2015

    All this morning I've been seeing articles pop up about how changing my Facebook picture to the rainbow in support of gay marriage might have been a "trap".

    Why? Because Facebook may have used the app they created for purposes other than support of the LGBT community.

    So, naturally, all morning I've seen folks who did not change their picture posting, commenting, and laughing at us "dolts", "sheep", and "lemmings" who did.

    But here's the thing, I really don't care.

    If Facebook made the app to collect information about how the masses are influenced by social media, it wouldn't be the first, second or last time they did. If they use the information gleaned to make themselves a boat load of additional money, it won't be the first, second, or last time they do. Hell, if they use what they learned to advance their marketing initiatives or attempt to manipulate and influence me in to buying something, it won't be the first, second or last time they do...

  • Little Misfits Family Endeavours: Kate MacIver Art + Design

    Posted on June 30 2015

    Not only does Little Misfits have photographers in the family, but we also have moms who specialize in art and design, how cool! 

    Our Brand Rep Kate runs not one, but two small businesses. The first is her freelance design business Kate MacIver Art + Design. She can provide anything you could possibly be looking for including company branding, and online and print marketing. Her work is modern and minimalist, with a hint of natural artistic flow. Be sure to check her out for your next design project.

  • Why Being a Potty-Mouthed Mom Isn't the Worst Thing in the World

    Posted on June 23 2015


    Featured Guest Blogger: Catherine Houlahan of Circus Living

    Being a potty-mouth mom isn't something I flaunt nor something I am proud of. I can honestly state, however, that I am not ashamed of it either. It's just who I am, who I have become - an occasionally exhausted stressed-out mom. I used to be the girl who was taught it was not 'lady-like' to swear...so I didn't. After all, swear words are dirty, crass, not at all classy, and only for the uncouth. Man, was I naive and full of shit.

  • Little Misfits Family Endeavours: J Hill Photo Design

    Posted on June 22 2015

    Here at Little Misfits we are pretty lucky to have an incredible little family that supports us, including stay at home mums, working mothers, and entrepreneurial women who are doing it all! Something that is really important to us as a business is fostering the growth in our family of supporters. We love to watch small businesses succeed, and so we will be doing our part by featuring all the shops and services provided by our misfit family!

    We thought we'd start with our Community Outreach Coordinator and Brand Rep JaNett, who recently started a small photography business out of Austin, Texas. With years of experience playing paparazzi for her adorable children, family, and friends, JaNett has an eye for beautiful candid captures and fashion photography. If you are in the Austin area you can book a summer mini session with her by emailing JHillPhotoAustin@gmail.com, and be sure to head over to her Instagram to see more of her work.

  • 10 Reasons Not to Give a Shit About Shedding Baby Weight Right Away

    Posted on June 16 2015

    Featured Guest Blogger: Revital Anava of Blurbpress

    Let's face it, we live in an extremely shallow world where people are expected to look perfect all the time. For the most part I don't pay attention to all of that noise but ever since I had my kids that has changed. I am noticing that there is an intense amount of pressure being put on pregnant women to look as slim as possible, during their pregnancy. This continues moments after they give birth. Due to this insane behaviour I have compiled a list of ten reasons why NOT to give a shit about shedding baby weight right away.

  • June - Misfits for a Cause - Little Misfits x Tim Hortons Children's Foundation

    Posted on June 03 2015

    There probably isn’t any one in this day in age that hasn’t heard of Tim Horton (the NHL player), or at least his multi-million dollar coffee chain by the same name, Tim Hortons. However, besides the flavours of Timbits and the cost of a large coffee, the general public may not know much about this company. We are happy to share with you that Tim Hortons actually does a lot of work within the community, and is philanthropically motivated. Their largest endeavour by far is that they run six high-class summer camps for underprivileged children across North America.

  • Fashion Inspiration: Neon Punk!

    Posted on June 01 2015

    Fashion Inspiration: Neon Punk from Little Misfits!

    The passing of the 'May 24' and Memorial Day weekends usually signifies the unofficial start to summer in our fair countries, but now that it's June 1st, it really feels like we're in the spirit! So with that in mind, what could be more fun than kicking the season off with some summer fashion inspiration?

    Today's outfit comes from our Community Outreach Coordinator and Brand Rep JaNett! She radiates an effortless looking style and her rad kiddos are totally an extension of that. Check out her Instagram for awesome fashion ideas featuring small shops and a proud American vibe.


  • 10,000 FB Fan Giveaway

    Posted on May 29 2015

    Help us celebrate 10,000 fans on our Facebook Page and enter to win an iPad mini!

  • May - Misfits for a Cause - Little Misfits x The Linden Fund

    Posted on May 04 2015

    Modern medicine has come a long way in the past decade or two. Regardless of the incredible treatments and new drugs however, preterm births are still very much a reality. Approximately 1 in 7 babies in Canada (almost 15%) are born preterm. 84% of those are born between 32 and 36 weeks of gestation. Around 10% are born between 28 and 31 weeks and 6% are born earlier than 28 weeks. Thankfully, with technological advancements, talented doctors, and the financial help of charities like the Linden Fund, those babies have a strong chance of survival even when they arrive as early as 24 weeks.
  • Create Your Own Success – 5 Important Things You Can Learn From Kimra Luna

    Posted on April 27 2015

    Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. That's how Kimra Luna build a million dollar business in under a year.

    So if you haven't heard of her, take a seat and join us for this read!

    When I think of Kimra Luna, I think of my favourite personality traits embodied in a badass business coach and mentor. Fearlessness, authenticity, occasional use of swear words, and badass, take-no-prisoners, punk rock style. No wonder Kimra has been killing it in her coaching business with her signature program – Be True, Brand You

    Starting her business in May of 2014, as of January 2015 Kimra had managed to rake in over $880,000 helping business owners live their dreams. What’s more, Kimra did it with two little ones at home and a husband who was at work FT! AND, what I really love about her is that Kimra she's not afraid to be honest. Kimra fully admits that creating her own success wasn't hard word. Work, yes. Hard work? Not at all. 

    Dying to know how she did it? Well we're about to dive in to that now.

  • Free Printable Wall Art! Grab yours now.

    Posted on April 10 2015

  • Misfits for a Cause - Little Misfits x Skate for Cancer / Wellspring

    Posted on April 01 2015

    Skate4Cancer is likely the organization that best aligns with our passions, and our style at Little Misfits. Their mission and approach to working within the cancer community has grown and changed over the years as their dream has become clear. S4C is working to open the “Dream.Love.Cure Centre”, a physical place for youth who have been affect by cancer to receive counseling and crisis support, and experience public speaking and educational events, as well as a variety of other Skate4Cancer events. With this goal in mind, the Dream.Love.Cure branch of S4C aims to engage youth in cancer prevention through education, awareness, and the gathering of a fresh and energized community.

  • How to Overcome Haters & Live the Life of Your Dreams

    Posted on February 16 2015

    As I sit here writing this post, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Manically excited to share this new series, I am incredibly grateful that I followed my heart last year and quit my job to pursue my dreams. My business now allows me the opportunity cross paths with so many wonderful people, and I'm constantly inspired by all the amazing things that our little community of parents, friends, caregivers and entrepreneurs are doing. It has been an amazing six months.

    With the Misfits Representing series I am devoted to publicly acknowledging the people who have inspired me and unknowingly helped me to embrace all the unique parts of myself. In writing these posts I hope that the spotlights and stories inspire and ignite a passion in you, as they did in me, and help you to embrace all of the wonderful virtues that you have. I truly believe that each of us is fully capable of living the life we dream about, and with this series I hope to inspire you to keep moving forward on your journey.

    That said, this inaugural post features Mckinli Hatch. Mckinli's reptutation precedes her. Not only is she a professional blogger, fitness competitor, and entrepreneur, she's also a wife and mother of two who is killin' it in every aspect of her life.

  • 6 Ideas To Help You Get Cheap / Free Hip, Stylish Baby Clothes

    Posted on February 10 2015

    Outfitting your baby shouldn't break the bank, but with onesies from some of the raddest, most stylish baby shops costing between $25 and $50 an item, your little one's outfits can add up fast! (Trust me, I know.)

    So to combat the never-ending drain on your wallet, I've come up with five simple steps to getting your hands on cool / hip / affordable baby clothes.

  • 5 Affordable / Cheap Ways to Get Cool, Stylish Kids Clothes

    Posted on January 20 2015

    You've got your own sense of style so you want to dress your baby in hip, stylish clothes that match. The thing is, you don't have a million dollars to spend doing it, and while places like Carters and Baby Gap may be good for some staples, but you're raising a mini individual over here. 

    Maybe you're like me and you love brands like HuxBaby, Quinn + Fox and Freshly Picked, but at $30-$60 per item, shopping those brands for your littles can add up fast!

    So what do you do?

    Here are the top 5 tips from parents in our community:

  • Vogue UK Model Search!

    Posted on January 10 2015

    So, we've recently been seeing an uptick in the number of customers we're getting from the UK.

    To see if we can generate some interest, we've decided to take out a very, very small ad in Vogue UK this month!

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are now hosting a little model search!

    The winner of our search will be our model for the ad and two runner ups will be picked to be featured in our Spring/Summer 2015 marketing campaigns.

  • Digging In & Reaching Out

    Posted on October 09 2014

    Hey! It's Dionne, Co-Owner of this little shop. Welcome to Little Misfits. This is the first of many blog posts I'll do on the newly relaunched website, so I figure it's best to give those of you who don't know me a good a little run down of how I got here.

    I guess it starts here - I quit my job in August to pursue this business alongside my marketing company, Crave Advertising.

    When I left, naturally I had a plan. I was going to continue the long-established advertising relationship with General Motors of Canada through Crave, and I was going to work diligently in the downtime to make Little Misfits a household brand. Then, as plans sometimes do, this one just just didn't pan out.

    So when the work slowed down from Crave, I realized that it was time to move on to plan B, but, to be honest, plan B was kind of terrifying.

    I had just started working on the rebrand for this site (which is a shit load more work than anyone ever lets on), and my savings were slowly running out. There was no better time to be out of freelance work and completely enveloped in a website redesign.

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