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Digging In & Reaching Out

Posted on 09 October 2014

Hey! It's Dionne, Co-Owner of this little shop. Welcome to Little Misfits. This is the first of many blog posts I'll do on the newly relaunched website, so I figure it's best to give those of you who don't know me a good a little run down of how I got here.

I guess it starts here - I quit my job in August to pursue this business alongside my marketing company, Crave Advertising.

When I left, naturally I had a plan. I was going to continue the long-established advertising relationship with General Motors of Canada through Crave, and I was going to work diligently in the downtime to make Little Misfits a household brand. Then, as plans sometimes do, this one just just didn't pan out.

So when the work slowed down from Crave, I realized that it was time to move on to plan B, but, to be honest, plan B was kind of terrifying.

I had just started working on the rebrand for this site (which is a shit load more work than anyone ever lets on), and my savings were slowly running out. There was no better time to be out of freelance work and completely enveloped in a website redesign.

Then, as if it weren't terrifying enough, our home got robbed, my husband's Grandma passed away, and I lost a friend in a car accident - all within three weeks.

As these circumstances started to pile up, I questioned whether I could do this. Life was tossing out ugly surprises, and in the absence of "a secure income" and a "structured environment" I started to panic.

What if you all hated what I was working on? What if you thought it was stupid? Or that I was stupid for having quit to follow my dream? What if I failed? What was I going to do then?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry. A lot. Lying again if I said I didn't feel embarrassed for crying by myself on my couch (because ugly crying alone when you're wallowing in self-pity seems almost as bad as drinking alone, and trust me, it's not nearly as fun).

Then something beautiful happen. I got sick and was forced to take a rest day.

As I laid in bed unable to breathe through one side of my face, I realized something truly important. Nothing I'd been worrying about mattered.

For weeks I had worked myself in to a state of anxiety at the mere possibility of failure, but I had yet to fail. For weeks I feared feeling judged and made fun of if my dream didn't work out, when the only people who would behave that way were people I didn't want anywhere near my life anyway.

Quite literally, I'd been worrying about nothing.

With that realization, I decided it was time to really dig my heels in to this amazing space I'm creating. The truth is, this little corner of the universe has been a gift to me. It has allowed me to grow as a person, try new things, meet and really connect with a variety of truly amazing people, support charities, express myself and be okay with what all of that looks like.

In addition it has afforded me the opportunity to meet people I would've never met otherwise, but who I now think of as friends - Laurel Moring and Katlynn Barkwell.

So now as I prepare to go live with the relaunch, all I can say is THANK YOU and JOIN ME!! 

Every one who has ever purchased a product, referred us to a friend, commented on our Instagram / Facebook, showed up at a trade show booth we've had, or sent words of encouragement, support and appreciation has allowed me to live this dream.

For each of you I am eternally grateful. More than words can say or any "Thank You" can express.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And here's to the next chapter. There's plenty of awesomeness yet to come.

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