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How to Overcome Haters & Live the Life of Your Dreams

Dionne Baker

Posted on February 16 2015

As I sit here writing this post, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Manically excited to share this new series, I am incredibly grateful that my business allows me the opportunity cross paths with so many wonderful people. Inspired by all the amazing things that our little community of parents, friends, caregivers and entrepreneurs are doing, I've decided to start sharing their success stories as a way of peeling back the covers to remind us all that the path to success and happiness begins with embracing who you are.

That said, this post features the beautiful wife, mommy-blogger and entrepreneur, Mckinli Hatch. Mckinli's reptutation precedes her. Not only is she a professional blogger, fitness competitor, and owner of a variety of online web stores including Mommy's Little Sunshine, Jane.com, Shoplivin.com, and Bbstyled.com, she's also a wife and mother of two who is killin' it in every aspect of her life.

A practicing LDS, Mckinli's life seems pretty idyllic. Beautiful, happy family and home, gorgeous figure, thriving businesses, and successful blogs. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram and more than 120,000 on her business Facebook pages, Mckinli is clearly a force to be reckoned with. But, as is true with every success story, she's faced more than her fair share of internet bashing and adversity. On sites like getoffmyinterests.net and pandce.proboards.com, unwarranted comments about her body, marital status, appearance, husband's age, choice in children's names, and professional ability have run rampant since 2012. 

Despite all of that, Mckinli embodies the perfect way to deal with haters, and she does so with the same class and style that the universe has come to expect of her.

Here's what she does, and what all of us can do if ever faced with similar adversity in life:

1. Keep working toward your own version of success.

The bashing and haters aren't stopping Mcki from doing anything she wants to do, and they shouldn't stop anyone else either. In Mckinli's case, she's continuing to compete in fitness competitions, open businesses, and travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world all while the haters are sitting at home on the internet snarking.

2. Ignore what doesn't serve you and use what does. 

If you find yourself coming under scrutiny, pick out the things that are useful and ignore everything else. Sometimes the message is more important than the delivery. For example, let's say someone ordered something from you and received the wrong size, then tried to contact customer service and never received a response. Or perhaps you wrote a blog post about how to write an ebook and the readers didn't find the information as helpful as they'd hoped. Knowing stuff like that gives you an opportunity to make something better and increase your level of success. But, that said, if the reviews you're reading can't help you improve in some way, forget them. What you do with your life and your time is up to you, and the negative opinions of others can't stop you from being successful unless you let them.

3. Bring your whole self wherever you go regardless of what others might think.

Mckinli is great at this. She's unabashedly herself everywhere - on her blogs, in her conversations with people, and at her businesses. She opens her life up to her readers and viewers and by sharing everything about herself from how she styles her hair extensions to how she prepares for a figure competition. It's that authenticity that interests people and makes them want to get to know her, and the same is true for YOU. No one else in the world has your unique combination of experiences, personality attributes, sense of style, or way of doing what you do in the world. So what YOU offer to the situations that pop up in your life is your unique gift to the world. That said, SHARE IT!! When you show up, show up as your whole self and bring your confidence with you. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

The truth is, nothing that anyone says about you can limit your future. We are each in control of our own destiny and success. That said, it is up to us to decide whether we will be distracted by obstacles and jealous chatter, or use as fuel to propel you toward even greater success.

Until next time, keep on killing it! 

Lots of love,

You can check out Mckinli's blogs at Hey Mcki or DevandMcki, or stop by her online boutique at Mommy's Little Sunshine.

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