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10 Reasons Not to Give a Shit About Shedding Baby Weight Right Away

Laurel Moring

Posted on June 16 2015

Featured Guest Blogger: Revital Anava of Blurbpress

Let's face it, we live in an extremely shallow world where people are expected to look perfect all the time. For the most part I don't pay attention to all of that noise but ever since I had my kids that has changed. I am noticing that there is an intense amount of pressure being put on pregnant women to look as slim as possible, during their pregnancy. This continues moments after they give birth. Due to this insane behaviour I have compiled a list of ten reasons why NOT to give a shit about shedding baby weight right away.

1. You need your sleep, not a diet. Focus on being as well rested as possible because let's face it, as much as you love that baby you will lose your noodles if you are completely sleep deprived.

2. Take the time to take it all in. You have a baby. A BABY! Smell that baby. Kiss it. Love it. Spend a couple of months just taking it all in instead trying to get rid of weight.

3. Your hormones are going to be running rampant. Instead of putting more pressure on yourself to look like J LO on the cover of Vogue, try and stabilize those emotions. Figure out a way to get through your days without experiencing any major meltdowns or scenes.  

4. What other people think doesn’t matter. You just carried a baby in your body. Your body did what it needed to do in order to make sure that your bundle of joy arrived safely. Respect that fact instead of resenting your body for having a few extra pounds. If anybody gives you any grief just cut him or her off. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

5. Your boobs are glorious! It's one of the benefits of having a couple of extra pounds. Enjoy them while they last because once they are gone they are GONE!

6. Your face is glowing and full of natural collagen. People pay big bucks for that stuff and your baby came with it. Free of charge. The quicker you drop those pounds the quicker that glow fades.

7. Your body creates these extra curves to make it easier to carry your little cutie on your hip. Your body is also a little softer so that it's more comfortable to rest on. Don't take that away from your baby right away. 

8. There was so much you couldn't eat while you were pregnant. Enjoy some of that stuff before you limit yourself with a diet.

9. Your partner is probably enjoying your body. It's the direct result of creating a life that you share. Don't axe it too quickly.

10. The tenth and best reason not to give a shit about losing your weight right away is BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Enjoy the ride as you have the rest of your life to lose and gain weight. Focus on being healthy, both mentally and physically. This time in your life is not about immediately losing weight it is more about gaining patience and inner strength. Screw what society expects of you. Society doesn't live in your home, heart or head! You're a mother. You have nurtured a child since the moment of conception. The moment you stop worrying about things like losing weight life has a way of just working out (no pun intended).

Revital Anava hails from Blurbpress. She is a recent member of the 30’s club with two little boys and one big little boy (her husband). She says her life is in a constant state of transition and she recently realized that writing helps her cope with that. So here she is! Find her on Twitter and Instagram too.

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