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Why I Don't Care If Changing My Facebook Picture Was a "Trap"

Posted on 30 June 2015

All this morning I've been seeing articles pop up about how changing my Facebook picture to the rainbow in support of gay marriage might have been a "trap".

Why? Because Facebook may have used the app they created for purposes other than support of the LGBT community.

So, naturally, all morning I've seen folks who did not change their picture posting, commenting, and laughing at us "dolts", "sheep", and "lemmings" who did.

But here's the thing, I really don't care.

If Facebook made the app to collect information about how the masses are influenced by social media, it wouldn't be the first, second or last time they did. If they use the information gleaned to make themselves a boat load of additional money, it won't be the first, second, or last time they do. Hell, if they use what they learned to advance their marketing initiatives or attempt to manipulate and influence me in to buying something, it'll be nothing new.

Why? Because this kind of data collection, measurement, and information "stealing" happens EVERY DAY. EVERY TIME YOU POST ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK. You don't own the information you post, you don't own the platform you post it on, and you don't own your privacy when you click on ads, articles, groups, posts, or make use of anything else Facebook offers (like location services that follow you around using your telephone AND Messenger).

In using Facebook, I've accepted that they'll use their platform to do whatever they want with it... and guess what, if you're on Facebook posting those articles about all of us "sheep" and "lemmings", I guess you've accepted that fact too.

What's more, this silliness detracts from the entire reason I changed my picture in the first place! To support the friends I have who are celebrating the freedom to be themselves and be accepted for who they are. 

It's basically one of the cornerstones that Little Misfits is built on - celebrating who you are.  

So if you think I'm dumb, or jumped on a "band wagon" to seem edgy, hipster, cool or anything else, you're entitled to your opinion... just don't be surprised to find out that I, and a lot of people like me, don't really give a shit what you think. I made my decision for my own reasons, and I'm still happy my profile picture is sporting rainbow colours in support of my friends.


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