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5 Great Hiding Spots to Sneak Snacks (Without Your Kid Seeing)

Sara Wilbur

Posted on May 03 2017

Once upon a time there was a lady who loved snacks – cookies, chocolate bars, chips – and she could eat them pretty much whenever, and wherever she wanted without having to answer to a single person.

Then that lady became a mommy… and all of that changed.

Mom hiding to eat crackersThe change didn't happen right away. When baby was first born, mommy could watch her little angel sleep peacefully in a swing while enjoying a cup of tea and a cookie, or two… or three.

A few months went by but, mommy could still grab a few chips before needing to feed the baby a delicious puree of avocado and banana. Then, it happened. Baby had a taste of a glorious, delicious and coveted snack. That was when everything changed for mommy.

If your little one is anything like mine, you know the struggle of not only hiding to eat a snack without sharing (mini Halloween chocolate bars in the bathroom anyone? That can't be just me.) but, also the struggle to keep the snacks hidden from the always-hungry-for-anything-but-dinner monsters (otherwise knows as our children). After months of my own trial and error and talking with other mommy friends, I've come up with 5 ways to hide snacks from your monsters with some helpful pro-tips along the way.

We’ll start with pro-tip #1 – these can work to hide snacks from your hubbys too!

Chocolate face wearing Little Misfits Little Angel infant raglan

#1 - In the car

    Seems simple enough but, always overlooked!

    Kids are almost never going to the car unless you're with them and they're not sitting in the front seat beside the center console where you've probably stashed your snacks. So, this is a great hiding spot.

    Not to mention, if you're lucky enough to have a little who is still rear facing this one works almost every time – if you're quiet enough with your packaging! Turn the nursery rhymes up, crank the car DVD player and enjoy your little piece of snack heaven without being coerced into sharing.

    Pro-tip: no chocolate in hot temperatures. You'll only make that mistake once. Trust me.

    #2 - In a cereal box

      There's kid cereals that they lose their minds over and then there's adult cereals that they want nothing to do with. Cash in on that! Take the actual bag of cereal out of the adult cereal box and instead, put a box of cookies in it's place. Storage temperatures are the same and I'm willing to guarantee you that they won't be going in that cereal box and finding your stash.

      Cookies in Raisin Bran box

      #3 - Under the milk bag

        Do you keep your kids milk in one of those plastic jugs that you put the bag into? I do. And I've found this little trick to be the most perfect; it works to keep my hubby away from my snacks too! Gently take the milk bag out and drop some of those fun-sized chocolate bars, or small individual wrapped treats into the bottom then, place the milk bag back on top. Make sure it's sturdy enough that you can still pour milk from the jug without making a mess. Though, sometimes the spilled milk is worth it to keep your snacks from those sticky fingers!

        Pro-tip: this one works best if some of the milk has already been drank.

        #4 - In the dishwasher

          This one is a little trickier because it only works if you have one those kids who isn't very helpful in the house; A kid who would never dream of filling or emptying a dishwasher. Same goes for hubbys with this one. It's self explanatory. Just hide whatever your coveted snack is inside the dishwasher. Maybe towards the back so they don't catch a glimpse of it with the door open. If they find it…blame mommy brain! It's a real thing and the excuse works every time.

          Pro-tip: be sure to remove snacks before turning on the dishwasher. Again, trust me on this one.

          #5 - In a shampoo bottle

            This one takes some prep time because you want to be sure that the bottle you've chosen is well cleaned out! No sense hiding snacks in there if they're going to taste like soap.

            Once the bottle is cleaned out and dry, fill it with whatever treat you can easily shake out when it's time to snack. Hide the bottle in a drawer or cabinet. Nobody will think twice about a shampoo bottle in a cabinet and they definitely won't look in there for snacks!

            Pro-tip: If you can stomach snacking in the bathroom, it's the best hiding place. But, maybe not in the shower.

            Twins in Little Misfits 90's inspired shorts and ruffled crop top

            Have you tried any of these? Have any of your own tricks? Let us know what's worked for you!

            Happy Snacking!!

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