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10 Things to Do Before Your Kids Go Back to School: The Little Misfits Edition!

Laurel Moring

Posted on August 07 2015

If you have older kids you may be well versed in the back-to-school grind, and how quickly the summer ends once August arrives. However, if you're sending your baby off to kindergarten for the first time, this may be new and overwhelming for you. I know it is for me. Besides the 14 months my son was in daycare as a toddler while I worked full-time out of the home, he has been with me every day since he was born! Sending him to school after living that life for four years is a big adjustment! Whether your kids are four or 15, here is the Little Misfits edition of "10 Things to Do Before Your Kids Go Back to School".

1. Take a Roadtrip - For younger children a trip to the nearest zoo or a new park will provide awesome family memories (or at least photos they can look at later if they're too young to remember). Kids love getting out and doing new things, just as much as parents hate to sit in the house and look at piles of a laundry and making grocery lists. It's a win-win for everyone. If your kids are older, roadtrip to the next province over to go to an amusement park or site-see!

2. Do a Photoshoot - I know, this sounds expensive, but you can do it yourself! Have a friend or family member lend you their camera if you don't have one, or even take the photos for you. Pick a theme, younger kids might love to dress up in a rockstar costume and pretend to rock out on a DIY stage. Older kids might want glamour shots, or sweet photos of them teaching you to do one of their favourite hobbies. Middle aged women learning to skateboard? Super cool. You will love looking back on these photos and remembering what a fun time you had before real life started again.

3. Get a Tattoo - Okay, not a real one, unless your kids are 18. But find a local shop that will give your child the real tattoo experience. Drop the temporary tattoos off ahead of time, and take your kiddo in to get their first tattoo. What a fun experience with their "cool" parent. Just make sure to tip your tattooist for the favour!

4. Go Camping - Getting out of the city and into nature is a great way to commemorate the end of summer. What kid doesn't like sleeping in a tent, swimming, hiking, fires and s'mores! Spending family time without electronic devices and enjoying the beauty of the trees and the quiet is a great way to make memories. Just be sure to pack the bug spray and sunscreen so everyone can enjoy their mini-vacation!

5. Volunteer or Fundraise - Spend some time with your children teaching them the value of volunteering and helping others. Maybe you can create a mini 4 week campaign until school starts to raise money, or attend an event for your favourite charity, or you could have a garage sale and donate all the proceeds to a local animal shelter or soup kitchen. You'll always remember the amazing things you did for others.

6. Go Shopping - We all know that back-to-school shopping is the best part of school starting, so why not make it a little more creative with your kiddos? Sit down in front of Instagram and pick out some local or work-at-home-mom shops who's clothing you both love, and get some pieces the other kids in their class won't have. Or even more creative, contact some of those shops and have custom pieces made just for your little misfit!

7. Have a Date Night - Okay, so this isn't for your kids as much as it is for you. Once school starts it will be a daily rotation of rushing out the door, picking kids up, getting to after-school activities, cooking dinner, making lunches, and helping with homework. BORING! Make sure you and your hubby get out for a fun night on the town before the monotony begins. And hey, if your kids love spending time with their grandparents or babysitter, this will be fun for them too!

8. "Fall Clean" the House - Your kids will undoubtedly hate this. I recommend enticing them with some sort of reward at the end - pizza night, a trip out for ice cream, or maybe use one of the other fun suggestions from above. Nothing is worse than a house that is full of summer sand, covered in outdoor toys, and has shorts and tank tops buried in every corner of the bedrooms. Designate age-appropriate tasks for the kids and get your house prepared for the craziness of fall.

9. Go to a Concert - No, your kindergartener is not too young! Kids appreciation for music begins at a very young age, and there's no better passion to instil in them. My kiddo is attending his first in November, so I won't check this off in time, but we're all super excited for him to experience one of our favourite things - seeing your favourite band live. Rock on little misfits.

10. Just Spend Time - Whatever you end up doing in these last four weeks, just spend as much time as possible with your kids. Read books together, teach them to cook a meal, go for walks, play catch in the yard, have movie nights, have air-guitar competitions, tell them how much you love them. If they're going off to kindergarten, you're really going to miss them. If they're going off to grade nine, you might be relieved. Either way, love the time you have, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Peace, Love, Rock N Roll.

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