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Diary of a Misfit - Temporary Insanity Over the Holidays

Posted on 21 December 2015

Anybody else feel like claiming temporary insanity and running away on a retreat (or even getting committed) this holiday season?

I can't be the only one. Today is only the first day of Christmas vacation for my JK'er and I'm already so done. It's not his fault though (today at least) and it's not even Christmas vacation's fault (yet). It all started a couple of weeks ago...

Picture it - I was done my holiday shopping a few days into December. With just a couple of small odds and sods to grab next time I went to the Walmart, there was nothing left to do but wrap. Incredible right? I was pretty proud of myself.

But then the onslaught of winter illness arrived. After the sudden appearance of an awful sounding cough and runny nose, my one year old woke up with a fever of 103 and could barely breathe he was wheezing and coughing so hard. Because we moved to a new town in the summer we don't yet have a family doctor, and because of how much he was struggling to breathe we headed to the hospital. After five hours and multiple drugs in tow, we were home with the poor wee man and his sicknesses - croup, a chest infection, and a double ear infection. Fine, we force fed him Tylenol and antibiotics, and administered puffers. He got better a few days later and we thought we were in the clear.

Then last week my four year old comes home from JK with pink goopy eyes. Thankfully this I can handle on my own, and head off to the drug store for some pink eye drops. After three doses and 24 hours, he wakes up with clear eyes and heads back to school (as per the pharmacist's directions). Later that morning the school calls me to come get him because he's complaining of a sore ear. Perfect. He comes home, I commandeer grandma's car, and we head to the walk-in clinic (the JK'er, the one year old, and I), where we sit/pace/wait for an hour to be seen. He has a double ear infection. I ask the doctor if my one year old is going to end up with the same fate and can he check him. He says no because I didn't sign him in for the walk-in. Great. My husband just got a new job that same week and hasn't received his health benefits card yet, so I pay the pharmacy out of pocket. No big deal. My son's ears clear up quickly and we think we're back on the holiday train to health.

Then this morning my one year old wakes up with pink goopy eyes. Seriously? So we start giving him drops. He protests but we manage. I go to make myself lunch (while the baby screams from his crib not wanting to nap) and realize my eyes are burning. And now I'm remembering just how uncomfortable pink eye is. I go get the baby, feeling guilty. Now I'm here, with a snoring baby on the couch beside me, I still haven't had any lunch, it's pouring rain outside (when it should be snowing) and I'm cursing my luck the past few weeks. I'm ready to claim temporary insanity. I just want some sunshine and a few weeks of a healthy family.

But almost as quickly as the frustration, exhaustion, and woe is me attitude comes on, it disappears and something else takes over. Gratitude. My family IS healthy, in the grand scheme of things. No one has life-threatening illnesses, no one has rare incurable diseases, no one has to spend the holidays in the hospital. Complaining about health over a few colds, ear infections, and pink eye is so silly. And complaining about doctor's visits and paying for prescriptions is even sillier. If I lived in another country that trip to the hospital probably would have cost a couple thousand dollars, and the trip to the walk-in may have been a couple hundred. Complaining about not having eaten lunch yet is ridiculous - I ate breakfast just a few hours ago, some people don't get to eat for days at a time. And about the rain? Well, I'm never going to not complain about rain, but at least it's not cold out!

My boys are sleeping, I have a coffee to drink (when the couch dweller wakes up and I can microwave it), and I have a roof over my head. My kids and I will be fine again in a few days, and Santa will come as planned to a happy, healthy house. There is literally nothing to be temporarily insane over - life is pretty darn perfect.

Good vibes are the key to living a life you can be proud of. We all slip up. We all have "bad days", we all get down in the dumps. But we can remedy that as quickly as it came about. Keep the good vibes flowing through the holidays and beyond. Remember all the things you can be grateful for, and all the ways you can make other people's lives better by offering your talents and your generosity. Model this life for your children - let's make this world a better place.

And while you're at it, get a Good Vibes shirt here to model this lifestyle for the rest of your community. Peace, love, and radness. Happy holidays Misfits.

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