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Do We Really Need That? 10 Things New Moms Don’t Actually Need!

Laurel Moring

Posted on January 14 2016

Guest Post from Ashleigh at Bake My Sillies Out:

I’d like to preface by saying that everybody has their opinion about what is correct and what is the most correct and that for the most part it really comes down to personal choice and lifestyle. And I’m not talking just about gadgets and whatnot. I’m talking pedagogies too. Philosophies, ways of thinking, habits, etc. Things like breastmilk vs. formula, fresh vs. store bought baby food, cloth vs. disposable diapers (do the research, it’s quite interesting!), cry it out vs. rocking your baby to sleep, co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

And the best part? Not a single mother will let you and your bump walk past them without getting an earful of what they did and how it perfected their child.

Whatever. (End personal rant). Back to the topic at hand.

I strongly believe that half of the things you “need” for baby are not worth the full price you pay for it. And let me follow that up by saying that there’s no Craigslist or thrift store purchase that a little Clorox wipe (or maybe a whole tub of them) and some elbow grease can’t make pretty much brand new. Not to mention substantially more affordable.

Places like Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us must have hired some pretty ingenious marketers and staff trainers because they have successfully made every expectant mother feel as though their child is going to wither away if they do not purchase every single little thing that is in that store. Like, for real.

From this new mom to the interwebs let me tell you that your baby is far more resilient than you think he/she is. Believe me. So here is a list of 10 things that I have found new moms don’t actually need (with a little dash of what I did to justify why I think these things are pretty useless).


#1. Wipe warmer

Ok, don’t get me wrong. There’s something about a wipes warmer that is really appealing and I’m sure that your baby’s bum would greatly appreciate not being attacked by a colder than hades wipe in the middle of the night after having spent x amount of time in a soggy and/or dirty diaper. But let’s be real. Has a baby ever seriously suffered from a cold wipe? No. They haven’t. And a good alternative is to simply warm the wipe up in your hands before touching it to that bare bottom baby.


#2. Bottle Warmers

Does this even need an explanation? It’s called a stove. And a pot. And some simmering water. I mean, really. Save your money.


#3. PeePee TeePees

Mothers of little boys, this one is for you. These little tents do absolutely NOTHING to keep a baby from peeing all over the place. Not only does the teepee not absorb enough pee to keep you dry, it doesn’t stay on the dang peepee! When that thing is ready and aimed to fire, you can’t stop it. Your best bet? Either a new diaper or a burp cloth.


#4 Baby food processors

Again, seriously? A baby food processor is no different from an adult food processor, or an immersion blender, or a blender. Use what you already have and put that money towards diapers.


#5. Changing table

Hear me out. I’m not saying a changing pad, although arguable those are kind of useless too. I’m talking about that big bulky piece of furniture that has a changing table built into it. THAT is useless. We have a dresser that is wide and long enough to toss a changing pad on top (which is pretty much every dresser) and change him there. But most of the time he’s being changed on the sofa, on our bed, on the floor, wherever there’s space and a portable diaper bag changing pad available. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


#6 Diaper bag

Buying those name brand utility specific diaper bags are a complete waste of money. Honestly, they have so many pockets and compartments and flaps and secret doors that it is difficult to get things in and out of it AND, if you’re anything like me, you have this burning desire to fill every nook and cranny with as many useless knick knacks as you can find. I mean really, who needs to carry a mini sewing kit in their diaper bag? So I went to Nordstrom Rack, found a nice big tote, bought a diaper bag insert and called it a day. My bank account and type A personality thank me everyday.


#7 Baby detergent

Yes, you do need to use fragrance free detergent until you know whether your child has any skin sensitivities. But it does not need to be baby specific. Dreft is great, but the fragrance free Tide or Seventh Generation or whatever you use is just as good. And a whole lot cheaper.


#8 Baby dish soap

Let’s just throw this one in there while we’re at it. Totally not necessary. Just use normal dish soap (if you’re really paranoid get organic fragrance free) and call it a day.


#9 Baby tub

Again, just hear me out. I promise I’m not crazy. Your infant really only needs the baby tub until the umbilical cord stump falls off. And even then, you are giving your baby a sponge bath. You don’t need a tub for a sponge bath. As a matter of fact, we kept our little man nice and warm on the carpeted floor on a towel and just sponged him there. Once that umbilical cord stump was gone, we used a portable bath sling, put it in our tub and filled our tub with maybe 2 inches of water. Yes yes, I know, water conservation. Super important I know.   So while your baby is still teeny tiny, you can give them a bath in the sink. Or even in a shallow bucket. That baby tub, while not expensive, is bulky and gets moldy super fast. I swear, cleaning it only made it mold faster and faster each time. Ick.


#10 Diaper stacker

Do you even know what that is? It usually comes with your bedding for baby and it’s this sack into which you are supposed to stack diapers. Not only are the loops to hang it too short for us to hang ours on the railings of our crib, it’s also pretty impossible to put diapers in it, let alone take diapers out of it. We have one of those kitchen carts from Ikea (the cute turquoise metal one) and I put a basket in it that is filled with diapers. Then his other packs of diapers are stored in his closet. If we didn’t have that closet space for those diapers, I would just slide the packs of diapers under his crib. Much easier than the diaper stacker.

So there you have it: My list of 10 things that I found to be completely pointless as a new mom. You can take it or leave it, add to it, swap items out, etc. Either way, I’m curious! What do YOU find to be useless?

Don’t forget to check me out at www.bakemysilliesout.com and follow me on Instagram @AssistingDescubrimiento!

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