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Eating for Two - Best Food Choices for Soon-to-Be Moms

Sara Wilbur

Posted on June 14 2017

Because you need to make sure your little misfit comes out ready to take on the world!

Being just a little bit more than six months pregnant at the time of this post, this is the battle of my life right now – what can I feed this spawn that:

1.) tastes delicious

2.) provides good nutrition for me and the baby and

3.) won't immediately come right back up. TMI? Sorry.

Number 3 is probably the biggest struggle, especially for those dreaded first 3 months (or 6 if you're unlucky like I've been for both my pregnancies!) and there's a lot of good food tips out there for mamas dealing with "morning" all day sickness:
Morning Sickness Gif
Crackers – bet you've never heard that one. Soda crackers are great to help with nausea. For the first week or two of your pregnancy until you develop such a severe hatred for them thaSaltine Crackers Gift you can't even stand to look at them nevermind dream of putting another dry cracker into your mouth which will really just makes you thirsty but, you can't properly quench your thirst because water also makes you want to hurl your guts. Just me?

Tart or sour candies –Let's be clear; I'm not recommending sugar as a nutrient for pregnancy. I'm recommending it as a means of survival for mamas who are dealing with morning sickness. Keep a bag of candies in your purse and stick one of these bad boys in your mouth when the nausea strikes – they taste delicious and it works! I only went through about 4 or 5 bags per month. #WorthEveryPenny

Ginger – this didn't work for me because I can't stand the taste but, I've got friends who swear by it. Whether it's tea, soda or ginger candies it will definitely help settle your upset tummy and offers some other really great health benefits. This is probably the best "morning sickness" remedy in terms of nutrient and health benefits. Go figure it didn't work for me *eye roll*
Little Misfits I'm Just a Girl black onesie with gold sparkle

Once you get past those dreaded first few months of nausea you can start focusing more on fueling your body and your baby and not just surviving the constant trips to the bathroom! So what're some of the BEST foods you can eat to keep your healthy and make sure your little misfit comes out ready to take on the world? 

Eggs – they're cheap, they're easy and so versatile! I can think of a handful of ways to cook aSix Sister's Scambeld egg Muffinsn egg that are all different and delicious. Eggs provide an excellent source of protein and more than 12 vitamins and minerals including choline which promotes baby's overall growth and brain health and helps prevent neural tube defects. Set yourself and your family up for an entire week with one of my favourite grab-and-go recipes, Six Sister's Scrambled Egg Breakfast Muffins.

Salmon – are you a moody mama? Join the club. This dish is for you! SalmonSheet Pan Salmon Teriyaki recipe is super rich in protein, and a great source of omega-3 fats which are not only good for baby's development but a major mood booster. Win-win! While Salmon is a low-mercury fish, pregnant woman shouldn't eat more than 12 ounces per week an never raw. Save the raw sushi dates for after baby comes. Here's an easy one-pan recipe to get your started, Damn Delicious' Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon. YUM!

BeansBeans, beans they're good for your heart the more you eat the more you…you know the rhyme. And it's true! Beans carry a butt-load (no pun Mexican Bean Salad recipeintended) of protein and fiber which helps with pesky pregnancy side effects like constipation and hemorrhoids. Who wants to deal with that?! Make beans a regular addition to your diet and you'll be good-to-go (no pun intended, again). I love a good bean salad. Here's a yummy Mexican Bean Salad by The Life Jolie you can try.

Ok, we've talked about some great meal ideas but what about a snack? Greek yogurt is both delicious, nutritious and easy to find almost anywhere! Starbucks has one for on-the-go and so does McDonalds so you have no excuse. Greek yogurt usually has twice the protein of regular yogurt and is loaded with probiotics and calcium which are vital in any diet but, especially a preggo diet.
Pregnant Glow Meme

There are so many other delicious and nutritious foods for pregnant ladies but, these are some of my favourites and the ones I've found the easiest.

That being said, sometimes us preggos have to give in to the bizarre cravings that come with the territory of being pregnant. Mine this time around are iced cappuccinos (which I don't usually like), flaming hot Cheetos and cranberry juice. Super healthy, right?

We're doing a hell of a thing growing babies in our bellies so while it's extra important to make sure our bodies are healthy for baby - and childbirth..cause lord knows we need all the strength we can get am I right? – we shouldn't beat ourselves up over giving into some of our cravings. I may or may not have eaten an entire pizza once or twice. #NoJudgement

Pregnant and Craving gif
What're some of your go-to pregnancy foods? How did you battle morning sickness? Any weird cravings? Share it all in the comments!

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