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Free Tattoo Colouring Pages

Sara Wilbur

Posted on June 01 2017

For when you want your kid to chill out for (hopefully) 10 minutes.

Little Misfits Black Inked Onesie with Tattoo Sleeves
Kids can be jerks. And I'm not saying that to be a jerk myself, I'm saying it because it CAN be true…sometimes. For example, when you're at the doctors office and they want to lick everything (please tell me this isn't just my kid) Baby licking glass window GIF Or, when you're at a restaurant and sitting down nicely in their seat just isn't on the list of things they would ever consider doing. Maybe even it's just a Tuesday afternoon, you've had enough of whatever garbage they insist on watching on TV and you just want a little bit of quiet so you can try and remember what sanity feels like. All of these instances, and I'm sure you can name many more, when your kids are just being jerks.

Well, you're in luck. Because we have a solution for YOU!

You may have heard of it before. You've probably even relied on it once or twice. Maybe this is a whole new world of potential sanity saving for you. Ladies and gentlemen…we present…COLOURING!

But, not just any colouring. These aren't your average farm animals, princess castles, big truck kind of colouring pages…these are bad ass, happy to display, parent-approved, FREE tattoo colouring pages.

SKull colouring page

How to download:

- Click on the colouring page you'd like to download
- A new link will open where you can download/print the PDF
- Click the GREEN download or GREY print button underneath the photo on that page
- Your file will download to your computer automatically
- Save & print...over…and over..and over…and over again!
Hamsa Hand Tattoo Colouring Page


A lot of people believe that the Hamsa symbol represents protection, bravery, confidence, calm, or all of the above. Someone who is both patient and protective might find that the Hamsa tattoo is the best design for them since there aren’t too many other tattoo designs that can hold both of those meanings simultaneously. You can learn about the meaning of the Hamsa hand here.
Free dragon tattoo colouring page
Dragons are one of the most revered creatures in Asian culture. Dragon designs often symbolize wisdom, strength, power, longevity, prosperity, and good luck. You can find out more about dragon tattoos here.
Boston Terrier Dog Tattoo Colouring Page
Dogs have been popular tattoo choices for a long time. They are usually chosen as memorials to beloved family pets. The dog is a powerful symbol of loyalty, vigilance, and intelligence. Find out more about dog tattoos here.
Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Colouring Page
There are so many meanings to the koi fish tattoo and they go back centuries! But, they typically symbolize good luck and fortune or a person’s aspirations to improve themselves. There's so much to know about this popular, and meaningful tattoo. You have to check it all out here.
The Just Color website has TONS of different kinds of colouring pages that you can easily download. Check it out and save and print your favourites. They will keep your kids occupied for hours!  Maybe....?
How do you keep your kids entertained? Share your go-to tips in the comments.
Happy colouring! 

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