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Rare Baby Names for Girls (and their meanings)

Posted on 17 August 2016

Your little girl is going to be amazing, adorable and unique, so you want her name to match, right?



Picking a good name can be tough. You want something pretty, but different. Something that shortens to a cute nickname, but not something that shortens to something common.

I'm not even going to get in to what happens in your head when someone suggests a name of someone you don't like. I mean, did you even realize before this how many people just aren't part of your good vibe tribe?  

That's why we've compiled this short list of beautiful rare baby girl names. We get it's tough, so why not try some of these out?

Amity - It's melodic and pretty, and in Latin it means friendship. Plus it doesn't hurt that it sounds a bit sophisticated. In a word where everything is trendy, Amity sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Arya - This one is rare for now, but gaining popularity (due to Game of Thrones). Regardless, it's so beautiful. Derived from the word Aria (meaning air or lioness), it's a rare baby name where fierceness and beauty collide. 

Delaney - Urban Dictionary describes the name Delaney like this - "A writer, a true person, a book berd, listens to great music, loves Harry Potter, has a hot boyfriend, great style without trying, everyone's friend, beautiful girl, amazing girl, awesome girl, resides in a small town, lovable, all around magnificent." I think that's pretty accurate... and despite having it's own definition on Urban Dictionary, it's a rare name.

Darby - Cute, not too sassy, and definitely unique, the name Darby reminds me of the girl next door. Friendly, funny, down to earth, pretty, she's the kind of girl that every girl wants to be friends with. 

Elle - Simple, sophisticated, pretty, Elle is literally the French word for "she/her". Super cute for an adorable baby girl.

Effie - Fun and cute, this name derives from the word "euphemia" which means "to use words of good omen". With a meaning like that, it's no wonder this name just feels happy!

Ember - I love this name! Embers are the glowing coals that can restart any fire. As a name it instantly brings to mind energy, creativity, power, and sass. More than that it reminds me of the type of person who motivates people... a little fire starter, if you will. So cute!

Greer - Doesn't this name just scream moxie? In my head I imagine Greer as someone full of personality, a little sass, and the ability to do whatever she sets her mind to. 

Laken - This name originated in the USA! It means "from the lake" and is perfect for a water baby or a cottage-loving family. It's down to earth, creative and cute.

Quinn - The name Quinn means wise. So it's no wonder that I imagine an inquisitive and intelligent little girl when I hear it. Creative, cute, and rare, Quinn is a great name for your little girl. 

Shiloh - So cute! Plus something about it instantly makes me feel calm. Maybe it's the fact that the name translates to tranquil in Hebrew? I don't know, but it's definitely cute and rare.

Verity - Beautiful and strong, the name Verity means "truth". It's just the right combination of virtuous and pretty, making it a great name for a little girl.

Vibeke - Exotic and unique, Vibeke just sounds like the name of someone who has impeccable taste and style. Plus the exotic ring to it also adds just the right amount of intrigue. 

Did you find a name you love? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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