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Little Misfits

Little Sailor Backpack

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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. And, around here, we're all REALLY skilled.

Real talk though. Do you ever find that most interesting people are the ones who have been through a lot? I'm always so interested to hear their stories and more than a little curious about how they've pulled through. 

Why? Because I myself probably shouldn't be where I am right now. I grew up in an extremely abusive home. So abusive, in fact, that most people would have understood if I never amounted to much. Better yet, I think there might have only been one or two people who would've noticed or even cared.

So, then how did I get here? I literally just kept moving forward. It's like that saying, "When you're going through hell, keep going." Sometimes the only way around is through.

What's this have to do with this backpack? Good question! Maybe nothing. I just think that, in life, we're all travellers. And your little sailor is just starting their amazing journey.

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