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Stay True - It's Written In The Stars Onesie - Pink


Tattoo Sleeves


At times in my life I've struggled with letting the world see who I really am or hiding and trying to blend in with the crowd.

As a teenager I was influenced by my friends, my haters, my parents, my teachers and my own discomfort about what people might think of me. Then, as a young adult, I was influenced by what my former bosses would think was acceptable (no pink hair or visible tattoos), what my peers would say behind my back, and what society thinks "responsible adults" should do.

At the base of it all, I just wanted to be appreciated for who I am - good and bad. The stupid thing was, I spent a good part of my life hiding exactly who that was. 

Being a poser gets exhausting pretty quickly. So I thought hard about the misery I was causing myself. What I realized that it's no mistake that I am here. It's no mistake that I am loud, opinionated, artistic, silly, fiercely loyal, and 100% authentically me. In fact, some would say that this is my destiny.

So that's what this shirt's about. Who we are is written not only in the stars, but in our hearts and souls. And the more we honour, love and share that with others, the better our experience in life becomes.

Stay true. Do you. Get this awesome shirt.

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